Achieve a Seizure Free Life With Child Neurology Center

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Epilepsy, a condition characterised by recurrent seizures is the 4th most common neurological conditions in India. Apart from the primary symptom i.e seizures or convulsions, other symptoms are:
Short spells of blackout,
A person’s unresponsiveness to questions or instructions
Sudden bouts of chewing without any reason.
Jerky movements of arms, legs and body.
Loss of communication
One should immediately look for Epilepsy Treatment In Gurgaon, experiencing the above symptoms as early diagnosis, anti-epileptic medications and surgery can stop some kinds of seizures from occurring. Dr. Rakesh Jain, a well-known neurologist in Gurgaon at Child neurology centre offers consultation and treatment regarding a variety of neurological problems such as Epilepsy, Migraine, Vertigo, Autism, Cerebral palsy, Brain stroke, Paralysis etc. Schedule your appointment today and get your neurological conditions treated.
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