Install 48” x 36” LED Bathroom Mirror On Sale

Date4/1/2019 9:15:26 PM
PriceUSD 367.90
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Bathrooms are the our favorite places where we spend quality time in grooming ourselves so that we can enhance our personality and most importantly don’t get disturbed by someone else and can enjoy our personal space. If you also want to look great by viewing clear reflection of yours on the mirrors then you can use For the same purpose, we can use LED Bathroom Mirror that are the eco-friendly way of making one-self more stylish and attractive.

Benefits of using a 48” x 36” LED Bathroom Mirror are as follows:

1. This eco-friendly CCT chargeable mirror is the perfect way to pamper oneself and you can have clear and true reflection of yours on the mirror.
2. These LED Bathroom Mirror uses 120 LEDs per meter to deliver premium quality lighting and with the easy On/Off touch button, you can easily manage the functioning of the lights.
3. Also the in-built defogger will give you energizing and refreshing experience and you don’t need to manually clean the fog.
4. The Power switch of this LED Bathroom Mirror can enable you to change the color of the light beam from 3000K to 6000K so that you can apply make-up under different levels of color glow.
5. These mirrors are waterproofed and UL approved that are perfect to be used at the wet locations as well.
6. Get these ETL certified mirrors that come with 2 Years of warranty from the manufacturer ad well thus making them more useful and appropriate.

So install this LED Bathroom Mirror inside your bathrooms so that you can have appealing personality by doing the right makeup under the right and accurate lights.
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