A small tour to Android Development

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Date4/4/2019 4:32:57 PM
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In the last decade, Android has been a brand. It has not only candy-themed platform updates, but also its widespread success. Because of this 80% of smartphones today run Android software. Leading android app development company USA is now in great path of growth.
In the programming community mobile developers are in minority – Of these mobile developers, Android developers make up the larger group that is 44.6% of them are Android developers while 33.4% are iOS developers. Even so, each best android development company California struggle to find developers for completing the Android projects.
A quick history of Android:
Let us go back in 2005, two years before to the release of the iPhone, Google quietly purchased Android Inc., a small startup developing an open-source mobile platform based on the Linux.
When the first Android phones were announced, Google made Android open source, so that developers all over the world could access, understand, and even modify the underlying software.
More than a million apps have been published to Google Play till date. Earlier, Google Developers had to submit their applications to the Google Play store, and most of the apps are primarily sold through the Google app marketplace still. However, because Android is open source, best mobile app development company California have since been successful in creating their own app stores – for example, Amazon.
Because Android software is open source, developers are able to modify the software and add their own functionality.
One downside of this is that it often falls on maker to individually coordinate updates for their devices, resulting in delays for older-model phones.
The path ahead is undoubtedly promising for Android app developers, giving them the incredible growth. There will be strong growth in demand for android apps for the growing markets. In developed countries, Android developers will be in huge demand.
Developing Markets: Growing economies, increasing opportunities.
In current scenario, Android is set to be the front face for smartphone users. Many Android-based companies are seeing the growth in emerging markets. Google is actively working with makers to make its dream of $30 smartphones a reality.
Skilled Android developers will inevitably come up with revolutionary new products and apps.
Developed countries: Beyond the mobile devices:
Android is generally known as a smartphone platform, but its reach has gone beyond just mobile devices. With the Google’s announcement of “trimmed down” version of Android Project Brillo, which has aimed to be a development platform for IOT (Internet of things). As the market for smart devices, smart cars, and even smart clothing continues to grow, demand for android developers will also grow.
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