Buy Ultra Wide Angle 300W LED Pole Lights are The Best Light

Date4/7/2019 10:56:52 PM
PriceUSD 287.49
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Many times while changing the outdoor lights at the commercial places we have to pay so many charges to make the change but if we choose to use LED pole lights they can be best used for retrofit and at the newly entered construction applications as well. Among various types of lights, you can use shoebox 300W LED Pole Lights that feature an attractive modern/minimalist design and utilize high-power LEDs thus providing cost beneficial lighting results along with pleasing light.

Other advantages of using these 300W LED Pole Lights are as follows:

1. These 300W LED Pole Lights are made up of lightweight die-cast aluminum housing that make these lights far better than the normal lights.
2. In addition to easy installing process, these lights have no maintenance fees as well since the bulbs used inside these lights don’t get damaged easily.
3. Use these lights instantly with no noise or flickering which otherwise make the surroundings disturbed.
4. LEDmyplace LEDs provide excellent uniform light distribution and color rendering, also once installed, you can use these lights for more than 50,000 hours with very low time-luminosity decay.
5. These 300w LED Pole Lights produce 42,000 lumens and also its color temperature is 4000k, by using these 300w LED lights you can replace 1000w light thus making up to 80% power savings over conventional metal halide or sodium lights
6. Also these lights are eco-friendly and contain neither lead, mercury nor other contaminants that can damage the environment.

So start using these 300W LED Pole Lights at the outdoor places to have high application efficacy, uniformity, and glare control along with uniformed light distribution, especially at the wide areas and spaces which other normal lights are in capable to deliver.
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