Buy Now 75W LED Garden Light, (Replaces 250W) 9600 Lumens, 5

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Date4/7/2019 11:25:22 PM
PriceUSD 202.39
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The LED post-top light/garden light is housed in a rugged, die-cast aluminium for durability and protection from external stress or strain, rust or corrosion.Through a big heat sink made of aluminium, our LED post-top/garden light is able to dissipate any heat that may be produced by the luminare, thus providing you with a consistent lighting for the time-period that it is operating.The beam angle being 90 degrees for our LED post-top/garden light ensures light beam to spread over larger areas and wide spaces for uniform and even lighting, and for general area lighting than having any accent lighting.The LED post-top light having a high CRI enables objects and spaces to reflect their true colors up to 80% precision when compared with a natural light source. Our LED post-top/garden light lasting for 50,000 hours doesn’t require any maintenance until the end of its service life because of its high operational efficiency achieved due to LED chip embedded inside it. Thus, you can maintain the light at a minimum costOur LED post-top/garden lighting fixture has the DLC approval and so comes under the scope of rebate-eligibility norm, thus allowing you to have rebates, if you are found eligible.
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