Install 240w UFO LED Lights that provide maximum accuracy

Date4/8/2019 8:25:08 PM
PriceUSD 314.25
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We all know that running a big industrial or commercial place comes with a lot of responsibilities, and lighting is one out of many things, you need to take care of. Rather than relying upon those insufficient lights that emit glow just for a couple of hours only, it’s better to trust these high bay UFO LED lights that can work for more than 50,000 hours and one such type of lights are 240w UFO LED high bay lights that can be used at the big warehouses or factories where ceiling is ranges between 20 feets to 30 feets.
Benefits of installing 240w high bay UFO LED lights:
● By using these 240w high bay UFO LED lights at the commercial and industrial places, you can make great savings in the monthly power bills.
● The lumen output of these 240w high bays is 31231 lumens and the color temperature is 4000k making it ideal to illuminate indoor lighting places.
● These lights gave the lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and you don’t need to worry about getting these lights damaged.
● You can have higher productivity of the workers as well due to proper lighting.
● The LED chips from Epistar are used inside these 240w UFO LED high bay lights that provide maximum accuracy and efficiency.
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