Use T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Light to Brighten up Your Home

Date4/18/2019 3:42:38 PM
PriceUSD 74.99
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Today, mostly all the people across the country are using LEDs tubes for their business and home purposes due to its utmost efficiency and reduced electricity bills, that have made people shift their lighting system from the fluorescent tubes towards these sleek and latest LED tubes. Apart from the best in terms or lower energy consumption and maintenance cost, it is also friendly to nature and does pose any threat to it.

There are different sizes available in LED tubes and the one among then is t8 4ft 18w LED tube light that uses just 18 watts of power to provide 2500 lumens.

Beneath are the further specifications of this single ended t8 LED tube light:

1. You have to use the bulbs without the ballast only, remove the ballast otherwise it will blow out the bulb. By using these single ended powered t8 4ft 18w LED tube lights you can easily change your 40 watts fluorescent light which takes much electricity to brighten up your space. Single ended power only.
2. By choosing to use these tubes, you can have a safety of your loved members as these tubes have UL, DLC, CE and ROHS approval and is being preferred by a major group of people due to its unlimited advantages.
3. The t8 4ft 18w LED offers 2500 lumens and the Color temperature is 5000K along with being an eco-friendly source of lighting the environment.
4. Also, the DLC certification will allow the end users to get rebates from most of the electric companies.
5. The customers can enjoy 5 years warranty from the manufacture’s end while buying this t8 4ft 18w LED tube, in case of any assistance you can call the customer care team 24/7 and they are ready to serve you shortly.

So give yourself freedom from paying those high electricity bills which is wasting your lot of money which otherwise can be used for various other useful purposes. Replace those existing fluorescent tubes with the t8 4ft LED tube light and enjoy better illumination and the lowest rates.
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