Change The Way You Light Your Street By Using LED Pole Light

Date4/22/2019 7:51:21 PM
PriceUSD 119.00
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To enhance the country’ image in front of tourists from other countries, you need to make them feel and safe and secured in your country so that they can have a good image of your country and love to visit the place in the future as well. Regarding their safety, you can install LED pole lights that can be installed easily and in a hassle-free way, and the tourists can roam easily on the streets with an assurance that they will not get involved in any kind of criminal activity.

Since there are numerous types of LED Pole Lights - Outdoor Pole Light Fixtures available in the market and out of all, you can buy a 300w LED pole light that can be installed in various different ways.

Other advantages of using these 300W LED pole lights are as follows:

Since these lights can be universal mounting in various different ways, you can install them on all kinds of poles including round and square as well.

These lights start giving the lighting results instantly without producing any kind of noise or flickering, also no vibrations are being observed by these lights.

Use them for more than 50,000 hours, and also the photocell option in these pole lights allow the user to use these lights that turn automatically on and off.

The lumen output of these 300w LED pole lights is 39514 lumens, and the color temperature is 5700K. You can replace 900w of lights with these LEDs to make savings of more than 80%.

They are DLC certified lights and will give you 5 years of manufacturer warranty as well.

Install these eco-friendly 300w LED pole lights that along with enhancing your global image will also keep the environment non-polluted and healthy.

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