Crimped Wire Mesh with Weave Styles

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Crimped Wire Mesh is made through crimping mesh machine with pre-crimped wire in the following styles listed. Square or rectangular openings available due to the different crimping styles: Arch crimp weave; Double lock weave; Drake cloth; Flat top; Hi-ton weave; Hollander weave; Intermediate Crimp weave; Long slot; Multi-strand weave; Plain weave; Ribbon mesh in plain weave; Square mesh weave; Twill weave.

Arch crimp weave crimped mesh
Arch crimp weaveDouble lock weave crimped mesh
Double lock weaveDrake cloth crimped mesh
Drake clothFlat top crimped mesh
Flat topHi-ton weave crimped mesh
Hi-ton weaveHollander weave crimped mesh
Hollander weave
Intermediate Crimp weaveLong slot crimped mesh
Long slotMulti-strand weave crimped mesh
Multi-strand weavePlain weave crimped mesh
Plain weaveRibbon mesh in plain weave crimped mesh
Ribbon mesh in plain weaveSquare mesh weave crimped mesh
Square mesh weaveTwill weave crimped mesh
Twill weave
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