Use Single Ended Power 4FT 18W LED Tubes Inside Living Room

Date4/30/2019 2:15:26 PM
PriceUSD 6.99
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The living rooms at our homes are the places where we relax after a day-long tiring and want the soothing and relaxing ambiance that can make the place more comfortable. Along with considering many other things, don’t forget to consider lighting a priority as the selection of the right kind of lights can make the ambiance look cooler and pleasant as well.

You can install LED lights against the traditional form of lights to experience amazing lighting difference, install Single End Power 4FT 18W LED Tubes to make more energy savings in addition to making living rooms more beautiful.

Advantages of using 4FT 18w LED tubes are as follows:

These 4FT 18w LED tubes are perfect to be replaced with 50W of traditional lights and can reduce the energy bills by more than 75%.

Since these are Ballast Bypass lights and for direct wiring of these LED tubes, you can either remove the ballast or bypass the ballast as well,

These 4ft 18w LED tubes have a wider beam angle of more than 120 degrees that can provide directional lighting at the large places.

Get completely hassle-free manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years on buying these lights.

Also, the Maintenance Cost is also very low if you are buying these ballast bypass LED tubes.

These lights have no mercury and halogen inside them that otherwise can pollute the environment.

So make the living rooms more relaxing by installing these 4FT 18w LED tubes at the living rooms along with installing these lights at the offices as well.

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