Use Black LED Pole Light 150W To Make Nights More Safer

Date5/2/2019 4:48:20 PM
PriceUSD 109.99
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Today the crime rate across the country has increased drastically and it is very important to install proper lights on the streets especially during the nights so that police and people can stay alert and conscious. LED pole lights are the best that can be installed on the streets and highways, to ensure
maximum safety of the pedestrians and drivers. Today these pole lights are available in various different colors and one among them is Black LED Pole Light 150W 5700k that can help in increasing the safety of the passerby in the dark areas.

Beneath are the specifications of Black LED Pole Light 150w 5700K :

• These Black LED Pole Light 150w 5700K are very easy to install, just wire them and fix it they are ready to spread the brightness.
• This light is light in weight as compared to the those bulky lights, but still offer an amazing output as compared to the traditional lights. On an average, the lumens emit by this Black LED pole lights 150w 5700K is 19589 by using just 150w of energy. You can make a saving of at least 80% by replacing those conventional metal halide lights with these smart LEDs.
• These Black LED Pole lights 150w 5700K can work for almost 50,000 hours with very low time luminosity decay. Also the two bolt horizontal arm mount with 180 degree vertical adjustment offers 3G vibration rating per ANSI C136.
• These Black LED pole lights 150 watt are eco-friendly and do not contain lead, mercury or other contaminants that can pollute the environment.
• These black colored LED lights are IP 65 Weatherproof which protects them from water jets from any angle. Also the LED pole lights are Bug-free.

If you are still recording high number of crime rates at your places, then switch to the LED pole lights that can provide maximum illumination in reducing the dark spots. By using these eco-smart lights you are taking a step closer towards the security of your loved ones.

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