Vidhi Beri - Lactation Consultant in Kolkata

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Vidhi Beri is assisting people by providing nutrition, holistic health, mental health and lactation counselling. People can get the effective counselling sessions at 2H, Alipore Avenue, Kolkata- 700027.

She provides effective nutritional counselling sessions for the infants and toddlers, expecting and new mothers and adults. She provides effective and unique guidelines to maintain a holistic healthy life. These guidelines are tailored uniquely for individual clients, based on their mental and physical requirements. She conducts several workshops and campaigns to educate the society about child nutrition, lactation, maternity and body wellness. She conducts effective promotional sessions on lactation and breast-feeding in health care sectors. Her main aim is to educate and assist people regarding baby care, lactation, effective nutrition for expecting and new mothers, diet management and stress management.
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