Buy Now the Best 4ft Frosted LED Tubes and Save on Energy

Date6/7/2019 8:39:01 PM
PriceUSD 6.99
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Today we all are well aware of the LED lights that are used to lighten the commercial and residential places and the advancement in technology have allowed us to choose from various different LED tube lights that come in different sizes and designs as well. One such type of lights is the Frosted 4ft LED Tubes that are quite energy-efficient lights if we compare them with the standard fluorescent tubes.

Other advantages of using these Frosted 4FT LED tubes are as follows:

• Have an ultra-wide beam angle of 220 degrees that can cover huge spaces and provide for general purpose lighting.
• These ballast bypass LED tubes also eliminate any extra power consumption as they don’t require any complex wiring and can be installed easily.
• Comes with UL certificate along with 3 years of hassle-free warranty from the manufacturer’s side.
• The lumen output of these frosted 4FT LED tubes is 1710 lumens with the color temperature of 4000k you can replace 50w of other light with this 18w LED tube.
• The lifespan of these LED tubes is more than 50,000 hours or 5.7 years and can be used even 24 hours in a day as well.
• Also, the big heat sink made of aluminum keeps these lights cooler even after continuous usage for more number of hours.
• Also, don’t contain harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead or other harmful substances as well.

So start using these single ended frosted 4ft LED tubes that can save energy by up to 75% against using those fluorescent tubes that require so much energy to produce much lesser lighting results on the verge of high electricity bills.
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