Install LED UFO High Bay 200W To Enhanced More Visibility

Date6/10/2019 4:12:01 PM
PriceUSD 104.99
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The Hospitals are the areas that are visited by a larger number of people round the clock and the lights installed at the hospitals should be powerful enough that they can work in a more effective and efficient way throughout the day and night.

To make the big hallways, parking lots, corridors, etc more bright full, the LED high bay lights can be used and among many lights, you can use LED UFO High Bay Light 200W inside the parking lots to save more money in addition to offering best lighting.

Why choosing LED UFO high bay 200w is best for the hospitals?

The LED UFO high bay 200w has the latest LED chips from Epistar that can deliver maximum operational efficiency to the product.

Also, the lumen output of these high bay lights emits 29,000 lumens with the Color Temperature of 5700K that make the entry and exit to the people more smoother.

Comes with the ultra-wide angle lens of more than 120-degree angle that provides lighting to a maximum number of people.

With the help of Acrylic lens and IP65 Waterproof rating, this LED UFO high bay 200wcan be used as the perfect lights during all kinds of climates.

Also, the DLC certified of these lights will give you rebates from the electric companies as well on buying these lights.

So choose this LED UFO high bay 200w at the hospitals’ parking areas and replace the existing lights with these eco-smart high bay lights that will reduce the overall electricity bills manifolds without compromising on the lighting at all.

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