Theta Healing Practitioners Newport Beach

Hello! I am a Chiropractor using Theta Healing with patients, friends and family. From the east coast originally, I've lived in Korea, New Zealand, across the US, and now am enjoying life in Southern California. I am particularly passionate about helping people create loving relationships in their lives.
Theta Healing has changed my life in profound ways, and many of my current successes and accomplishments came through practicing this work on myself and on others. It's so exciting to see what happens when we transform the way we look at the world to include abundance and empowerment! I offer sessions in person at my office in Newport Beach; or over the phone.
Regardless of where you are now, what would the impact be of an increase in personal and professional effectiveness? What would life be like if you realized that you can be happy, successful, loving, creative, powerful, and free? And that all of the power to create this possibility is inside of you?
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