Make your Old PCB Brand New with PCB Repair Services

Date12/19/2019 2:05:44 AM
Sometimes we need to do one of the most crucial & expensive tasks with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) if it could break or need to be replaced. Specifically, when the PCB is old. Purchasing a newer PCB will take lots of time and money. Instead of your parts of PCB can be replaced with new components or even repaired. Rather, entire PCBs can be repaired which can help keep the cost down significantly.
To repair the Printed Circuit Board requires high skills and efficient process this needs lots of patience and collaborative hand-eye coordination. When you hire trustworthy PCB repair services then they can repair all PCB problems such as trace lifting, laminate repair, circuit modification, etc. and get your company's PCBs working as intended.
Anadi Automation has the vast technical knowledge, abilities and innovative equipment to analyze, update, repair and re-test your complex electronic circuit board assemblies. Repairing of any product from us will indirectly increase the prolonged existence and lifespan of products as our services have the ability to re-evaluate their performance level.
With the support of a capable team of employees, Anadi Automationis progressively involved in providing top class PCB Repairing Services to our clients. Our team of experts takes honest efforts to analyze the fault in the products in order to repair it with extreme perfection. Furthermore, once the issue is spotted, we discuss the reasonable budget amount to repair your PCB.
We have following abilities with our PCB Repair Services...
• Repair of All types of SMPS (every company)
• Repair of all types of SMD components.
• After repairing of PCB boards, functionality is tested to make sure performance.
• Repair of all types of controller & BGA.
• All PCB repair warranty.
• Repair of All types of server, router, switches for IT.
• All types of telecom equipment repair services offered.
• Services offered of AMC for laptop, computers, servers.
• Repair of all types of Laptop & TAB's, & Mobile.
Additionally, Anadi Automation specializes in repairing all types of industrial equipment, including Power Supplies, touch screens, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Servo Motor, etc.. Repair your PCB with us and make your old PCB in brand new condition with reliable PCB repair services.

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