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Date1/9/2020 3:57:00 AM
Founded in 1992, Continental Milkose India Ltd. has progressively grown in all these years to become one of the prominent players in Food Industry. It has expanded its wings in various horizons namely Malt based products, Nutritional formulation, Dairy products, Extruded cereals, noodles and various food ingredients. To produce these products, proficient manufacturing practices such as Vacuum Oven Drying, Vacuum Band Drying, Spray Drying and Dry Blending are used. The company has its branch in numerous states, having its corporate office in New Delhi.
We are one of the leading brands for providing Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling services in India. Our Private Labelled and Contract Manufacturing products include - Malt based food, Whey Protein supplements, Sports Nutrition food, Vacuum/Spray/Band/GMP dried products, Bakery premix and flavor encapsulation. The company has state of the art manufacturing facilities conforming to the guidelines of GMP thus ensuring quality products.
Private Labeling Malt Based Food Prospects
With the required formulations congruous with the technological advanced machines available, we have variety of products to offer for private labeling. These private label products come in various segments such as kid’s nutrition, adult nutrition, diabetic nutrition and sports nutrition.
The sports nutrition segment consists of Whey protein Blend, Whey Protein Isolate blend, Mass Gainer & Weight gainer, Raw Whey Protein Isolate, Glutamine and BCAA. With the market for sport segment being a bit wide open and competitive, number of companies are vying to get their products have more outreach. The whey protein Private Labelling provides us an immense opportunity as we believe that it is competent enough to take on its competitor.
The kids nutrition segment includes Malt Based Food- Coarse & Fine, Malted Milk Food with Cocoa, Kids Nutrition Powder. With a huge consumer base, Malt based food Private Labelling has a huge potential for a larger market share.
Benefits of Private Labeling Malt Based Food
•Cost Savings
•Control over branding
•Determine your profit
•Cater to your customers
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