Start Earning Revenue by uploading Nephrology Documents

Date1/9/2020 11:22:41 PM
Spotafile is a universally secure platform for Nephrologist to upload documents, tools or videos in Excel format (supporting any file format). Nephrologist can set a price tag of atleast $1 for each file and start earning revenue.
The categories available in Nepuhrology are as follows:
• Nephrology Diagnosis
• Nephrology Follow Up
• Nephrology Treatment
Follow just 8 simple steps to upload files or videos and earn money on each upload which are as follows.
Step 1: Sign up now at Spotafile
Step 2: Verify Email by clicking link sent to your inbox
Step 3: Select Supplier (Author)
Step 4: Click on publish tool
Step 5: Fill your profile information
Step 6: Upload your document, file, tool or video – (Any file format Supported)
Step 7: Once the file is uploaded you can set the price in USD
Step 8: Submit your Bank Details
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