Academic & Market Research Transcription Services

Date1/9/2020 11:36:16 PM
(310) 734-8853(310) 734-8853
Getting the most accurate transcript is the top priority in any form of transcription. Daily Transcription has been providing high-quality transcripts for market research, panel discussions, lectures, conferences, seminars, theses, dissertations, and classroom recordings for over a decade.

We have hundreds of U.S.-based transcribers so we can handle any size project, and our English transcription jobs are never outsourced overseas. We have installed many safeguards to ensure your confidential data is kept safe and sound. Many of our Fortune 500 clients have performed third-party audits to ensure we comply with the most up to date security measures. We are happy to report we have passed with flying colors on all our audits. for more information (310) 734-8853
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