Most Beautiful And Exotic Small Towns

Puerto Iguazu is a tiny town in northeast Argentina, best-known as the gateway to Iguazu Falls, which is one of the world's most remarkable natural wonders. This charming Argentinian town is often referred to as a small town with big waterfalls, and visitors from every corner of the globe flock in all year-round to catch breathtaking glimpses of these magnificent cascading waters. Cuddled beside the lush rainforest, Puerto Iguazu is, without an inch of doubt, one of Argentina's most picturesque small towns. But hold on, because the town is also chock-full with plenty of eco-centered, artistic, and laid-back things to do and see. Feed your passion to travel the world for less by taking full advantage of United Airlines Deals and gain exclusive travel discounts on plane fares, last-minute flights, vacation packages, and many more! Check out the list below to find out some of Argentina's most beautiful towns

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