Company that Specialize in Fire Extinguisher Service

Date1/21/2020 2:11:12 AM
Every year a fire extinguisher must be inspected and certified. During an annual maintenance, a fire extinguisher will be given a 12 point inspection. This means that our technicians will look for any swelling or comprisable damage to the extinguisher, and then ensure that the extinguisher is holding in the required pressure by checking the gauge.
After the visual check, our technicians will give the extinguishers a physical check. This process allows our technicians to ensure the extinguisher has the proper weight and that the hose is sealed correctly to the extinguisher. Once the extinguisher has passed both inspections, our technicians will properly tag the extinguisher as a visual sign that the extinguisher is ready in case of a fire. At Fire Safety Solutions, we provide the best and quality fire extinguisher service around Carolina Beach, NC! Want to know more about our services offered? You can visit us on our website at You can also call us at 910-790-7872.
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