Make A Difference, Donate Computers And Tech To Charity

Date1/21/2020 9:18:31 PM
When you upgrade your desktop computer or tablet, what do you do with your old one? You might sell it, perhaps even give it to a friend or family member…or you might stick it in a drawer where it will wait to be rediscovered by you in the future.

Instead of letting tech waste away in a junk drawer, donate desktop computer or donate tablet instead. Working tech — even if it’s older — is expensive, and nonprofit organizations are not exactly rolling in cash. Computers with Causes would love to re-purpose, recycle or sell your old devices and offer you a tax deduction.

Donate iPad
Donate Surface Pro Tablet
Donate Android tablet
Donate Windows Tablet
Donate PC
Donate Mac desktop
Donate Gaming PC
Donate All-in-One PC

If your desktop computer or tablet works, Computers with Causes will make the donation process simple and easy. Computers with Causes is a national IRS approved nonprofit that will re-purposes old tech for schools, libraries, low-income families and so much more.
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