Hermiston Neck, Back & Accident Specialist

+1 541-289-4878+1 541-289-4878
+1 541-289-4878+1 541-289-4878
'At Hermiston Chiropractic we specialize in injury and accident chiropractic for the Hermiston area. We are expert Hermiston neck back and accident specialist. Our doctors & staff have been specially trained to deal with auto accident & work-related injuries. What does this mean? There so much involved in an accident. Insurances don’t typically wish to pay, and we write up the files & work with injury attorneys in specific way that allows chiropractic patient to get maximum benefit out of insurance claim & it’s FREE most of the time! Our Hermiston chiropractors are trained to treat trauma to soft tissue & bones. Our treatment methods & ability to navigate insurance companies give you huge advantage in your work related or vehicle accident'
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