Container As A Service | Oman Data Park

Date1/31/2020 7:23:56 PM
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CaaS service offers you a turn-key solution that provides financial flexibility, agility, scalability, support, economies of scale with the added-value of security and assurance.
Oman Data Park’s CaaS service provides:
• In Numbers: 60% better performance compared to VM.
• Optimized Infrastructure Costs:
• Consolidate your workloads and infrastructure.
• Integrate containers, Virtual Machines (VMs) and storage.

• Modernized Applications:
• Eliminate the virtualization tax with bare-metal containers.
• Better performance and density compared to VMs.
• Containerize any application with native performance.

• Launch New Cloud Services:
• Support new customer demands and drive business growth.
• Easily package and migrate new workloads.
• Deploy in minutes.
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