DNS Root Server

Date2/5/2020 12:03:01 PM
+91 8879676804+91 8879676804
The DNS (Domain Name System) is one of the most significant internet services in existence, without which we wouldn’t be able to access any online content or even send an email. DE-CIX India is an Internet Exchange in India that hosts Route Server Peering and DNS Root Servers to improve the DNS queries by its connected networks and helps them to optimize the time required to resolve the DNS queries. There are 13 such DNS root servers available in the world out of which DE-CIX India hosts 4 of them such as PCH, Verisign, RIPE Atlas Probes and K-Root Server. DE-CIX India currently interconnects around 175+ networks and all these networks are able to peer with these DNS root servers through its platform.
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