How to Prevent Chub Rub? – Zone Naturals

Date2/5/2020 12:56:08 PM
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Chub rub is caused by thighs rubbing together during vigorous activity. It's also caused by the friction of the upper thighs rubbing against each other
Below are the causes of chub rub:
1. Redness, rash, and inflammation
2. Formation of bumps (red, pimple-like, itchy or fluid-filled) on the inner thighs
2. Blisters
3. Bleeding
Treating your chub rub isn't difficult, but it could take some time to heal and for your skin to stop being irritated. There are the following tips to prevent chub rub:-
Wash using an antibacterial soap to reduce the number of bacteria on the skin.
If wearing a skirt, always wear thin shorts to prevent skin-on-skin contact.
Apply a thin layer of baby powder to reduce the friction of the upper thigh.
If chafing is minimal, an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream could help with the irritation.
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