Learn Character Design in After Effects 2D Animation Course

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Date2/6/2020 11:15:00 AM
PriceUSD 4.98
 +91 22-27782183 +91 22-27782183
With the help of this course, you can learn to create and animate characters who express with body language in After Effects. Our personal purpose is to help anyone interested in Animation to start practicing with little projects, simple Characters, and most of all, explore the expressiveness of their Body Language and Character Acting. Many people seldom to start learning 2D animation because they are convinced that you need to know how to draw. While drawing skills can help you to improve, that is not the essential skill to do animation. For animation you need to understand the most basic principles in animation, like timing, anticipation, pose to pose. This course is divided into 3 parts theory, rigging and animation which will help you learn how to design characters, character animation and body language expressions. Enroll now and Learn to create 2D Animation in After Effects.
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