Our Power to Change Ourselves -- Free Cognitive BeHav

Date2/12/2020 6:09:07 PM
“It's quite incredible to consider the amazing capacity of your brain, known as plasticity, to grow new neurons on an as needed basis, and to indefinitely renew and restructure itself."
Dr. Athena Stalk, Ph.D.
Neuroscientists now acknowledge that we do have the ability to change long established thinking and behavioral patterns and our less desirable emotional predispositions. If we suffer from ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, ANGER PROBLEMS and other emotional disorders on a regular basis, we do have the personal power to take control of these states and greatly improve our emotional well-being.
With the use of MRIs and brain scans, scientists are now realizing the adult brain is not the inflexible organ that it was previously believed to be. Using the latest investigative tools, they have discovered that the human brain has great neuroplasticity--that the brain can restructure and reorganize itself. And we as individuals play an instrumental role in improving our brains, as well as imp
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