Getting Juicy and Tender Ribs Is Easy In San Luis Obispo

Ribs are tender cuts of meat. Those who love to eat ribs they should head to G Brothers Smokehouse. G Brothers Smokehouse is known for its ribs and bbq. We are a restaurant that is known to cater breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have become a popular restaurant in San Luis Obispo County. If you are heading to San Luis Obispo, you should try out San Luis Obispo Ribs. 
Most people might think about what makes our restaurant very special. Well, we cook the tender chunks of meat on-site and we provide a great deal of attention while smoking the meat. For smoking the meat, we use a high-velocity convention air system. This system is known for barbequing the ribs in an old-fashioned way so that the smoky and juicy flavor could be maintained.
Are you interested in tasting the most flavorful ribs? You should head to G Brothers Smokehouse. At our restaurant, you can try out:
Beef Rib: This dish is simply amazing. 20 beef ribs are served with 10 pieces of garlic bread or corn-bread.
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