Buy LED Warehouse Lights at Cheap Price

Date3/5/2020 6:52:12 PM
PriceUSD 33,101.00
Light up your warehouse with the LED warehouse lights, as LEDs convert only 5% of total electric power to heat and the rest of the energy translates to lumen output. LED warehouse lights not only have to light up the entire arena, but they also have to enhance the visibility in the warehouse to felicitate proper working like good browsing and all. Since LED lighting fixtures are installed at heights more than 15 feet, frequent maintenance is also not possible. LED lighting fixtures are very strong, so they do not require much of maintenance is the long run.

Here are some specifications of LED Warehouse Lighting:

• Available in various wattages and color temperatures
• With a beam angle of 120°, it emits lighting to a wider area
• The product is IP65 rated which makes sure that the fixture is water-proof and dust resistance
• It has a high luminosity which boosts the brightness of lighting
• Able to work with motion sensor and dimmer
• Die-cast aluminum housing which keeps the fixture cool even after a long working hours
• The color rendering index of this fixture is more than 80%

Get these LED warehouse lighting at an affordable price. Free shipping with 30-days easy returns along with the 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty.
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