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Stretching is so important especially for people who work from a desk.
Sitting can cause chronic low back issues, but chiropractic and stretching are great solutions!

Our bodies are like our bank accounts. There must be more credits than withdrawals to live well. The more we credit we deposit, the more fun we can have!

What are some of your favorite ways to add “credits” to your health account?
I got a message recently from someone asking me if chiropractic was good for sciatica. I figured if one person had the question, there must be other people out there who wonder the same thing!
The answer is a big YES 😃.

Sciatica is when there is pressure on a large nerve, called the sciatic nerve, that starts at the bottoms of the spine and goes down the back of our legs. Usually there is an imbalance of the vertebrae of the low back and pelvis that puts pressure on the nerve and it Hurts!
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