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Date3/12/2020 4:48:45 AM
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Rookie Card Ramblings is a high-end investment-caliber sports card investing company. We strive to provide simple straight forward advice that is objective, independent, and honest, helping you get the most for your money in the sports card investment world.
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GCA firmly believes certain trading cards are and will continue to be an excellent hedge against stock market losses.
Our goal is full and total transparency to make sure your collecting and investment decisions are educated, thorough, and as safe as possible.

Grey hat business practices are not foreign in this hobby and we’re here to discuss it so you can invest safely and be informed.

With Rookie Card Ramblings, you get 100% honest, unfiltered opinions based on years of experience in the collecting and investment worlds.

How do we make money? We make money in three ways…

Classic buy low sell high strategy (large percentage of profits)
Selling cards for our valued customers (small percentage of profits)
We also receive compensation when someone clicks to bid or purchase an eBay product via Rookie Card Ramblings However, this in no way affects our recommendations or advice (small percentage of profits)
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