8 Best Career Options for Women

Here are 8 Career options that are best for women:
1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship requires setting up your own business. In simple terms, an entrepreneur is an initiator, a creator and a driver of a venture. As challenging as it may sound, thousands of women out there are taking up this profession and outdoing themselves.

From small scale businesses like catering, daycare centres to large scale clothing boutique to fashion influencers. If you have the potential you too can choose to be an entrepreneur. You too, you can be the next Vandana Luthra! (Founder of VLCC).

2. Teacher

Teaching is an excellent career option for women. In a country like India, it is considered as a dignified post. The best part about being a teacher is it provides a wider scope of area for you to work in.

You could opt to teach in a kindergarten, schools, high school, college or university.
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