The Best Keto Ice Cream Using An Ice Cream Ball

Date3/19/2020 6:50:42 AM
PriceUSD 4,221.00
A dairy free keto ice cream recipe everyone can enjoy, even if you’re not on a keto diet! This is Smooth and creamy keto ice cream, without the sugar. After tasting this ice cream, I can confidently say that this is the BEST ice cream recipe out there! At least the best keto Vanilla ice cream, for sure.
• 600ml Heavy Cream
• ½ Sachet Keto Kreme or 2 Tablespoons Swerve Or Low Carb Sweetner
• ¼ Cup Berries
• *Optional 1 Tsp Vanilla
With an icecream ball, fill the bottom of the ball full of ice and ½ cup of inexpensive rock salt
Then on the other side of the ball, stir all of the ingredients into that side of the ball and then seal the lid
Roll, kick or pass the ball for 15 mins. Remembering to stop half way through to scrape the ball. The icecream will freeze from the outside to the inside because of the aluminium casing.
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