Fairway Mortgage Company Sets up Coronavirus

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Date3/23/2020 8:34:44 AM
866 912 4800866 912 4800
866 912 4800866 912 4800
A local mortgage company is trying to give its employees an extra sense of economic security by creating a ‘sick bank.’ Fairway Independent Mortgage in Medford is working to ease employee stress during the coronavirus pandemic.
The company’s sick bank is a dedicated account it set up to help staff personally impacted by coronavirus. Employees are eligible if they’re diagnosed with coronavirus or caring for a family member with coronavirus. They’re also eligible if they do not have adequate child care or are placed into quarantine by a public health department.
Fairway Independent Mortgage is also taking steps to allow employees to work from home. Call us 866 912 4800 or visit our website.
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