Coronavirus Outbreak | Journey Of Coronavirus | Stage Of Cor

The Coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic as the confirmed cases of Covid-19 all over the World have passed over 339,039. The coronavirus can end up causing several pneumonia-like symptoms such as coughs, fever, and difficulty in breathing.
How it all started
The coronavirus outbreak originated from Wuhan city in China. From there, it spread to several countries and has reached every continent except Antarctica. The European region has been severely affected by the virus.
Although it started in China, the majority of the cases and fatalities have now be reported outside of China. It has been recognized that the source of the coronavirus is a "wet market" in Wuhan where both dead and live animals are sold such as fish and birds. These markets pose a huge risk of the viruses transferring from animals to humans as they don't maintain the proper hygiene standards especially when live animals are kept and butchered on-site.
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