Affordable, quality music production for everyone

Date3/31/2020 9:14:43 AM
PriceUSD 45.00
Do you have lot of songs that you have no energy or interest to mix?
Do you have recorded material, waiting to be made into a song?
Let me do the work for you. Ill take your audio tracks and make you a product that has punch, shine and originality.
I have years and years of experience with very different music styles and producing styles. I will help your music to find its voice.
Personally,i prefer working with around 40-50 tracks, that gives me options with mixing, while keeping things simple enough.Stems are good option to have, send them if you got em.
While im working on your material,i will be sending demos of the progress of the mix, then you can influence the mix and suggest changes as needed. This is YOUR music,so i will follow your vision. If needed, i can pitch in with ideas that ive accumulated over the years.
My aim is to really help people to realize their musical aspirations, while im trying to keep the prices down.
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