Trident- Nitrogen Generator supplier

Date3/26/2020 6:43:08 PM
Trident is a leading Nitrogen Generator supplier.
With a strong presence that has lasted three decades, we have been a leading manufacturer offering innovative product solutions in the field of Nitrogen Generator. Our infrastructure with modern equipment and facilities ensure quality products which meet stringent requirements of the Industry.
NitroGen 10 model Specifications:
Nm3/hr- 0.56
LPM- 9.3
Oxygen Level %- 0.01
Nitrogen Purity %- 99.99
 Produce as per Demand
Avoid Cylinder Availability Issues
 Avoid Logistics and Management Problem
Faster Payback period within 1Year and lesser
 Eliminate safety risk associated with handling high-pressure cylinders
 Can be used as the Mobile application also
Avoid unused gas in the cylinder.
For higher capacity please contact the factory. Specifications are subjected to change based on continuous improvement.

For more details:
Phone no: +6281210690960
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