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Date3/25/2020 10:34:05 AM
Liturgical vestments are an important part of Russian Orthodox Church traditions. Here’s what’s on offer when you shop at a reputed online store offering traditional Russian Orthodox vestments.
Vestments in Traditional Style
Russian priest vestments are different from Greek priest vestments. When you shop at a reputed store that understands these differences, you can purchase exactly what you need. If you require Russian Orthodox vestments for priests, you can purchase a complete set that includes a phelonion, zone, epigonation, epitralhilion, epimanika and nabedrennik that are prescribed for Russian Orthodox priests.
Vestments with Quality Features
When you shop at a reputed store for Russian Orthodox vestments, you have plenty of options for fabric, color-combinations and adornments. Liturgical vestments are offered in durable, attractive fabrics such as rayon brocade, metallic brocade and natural German velvet. Vestments are available in acceptable liturgical color combinations such as black-gold, red-gold, blue-silver and many others to suit various liturgical services and seasons. Moreover, you can select the type of adornments based on your budget.
Most importantly, when you shop at a reputed store for Russian Orthodox vestments, you may order a made-to-measure liturgical vestment that will be delivered to your doorstep!
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