Social Media Analytics Solutions

Date3/26/2020 6:13:54 PM
Social media has revolutionized the world & opening the new unexplored areas, which world has never seen earlier. Unethically defaming the products, services, organizations, celebrities, government policies, politicians, etc., has seen a drastic surge. Arab spring is a classic example of the shear strength of social media to uproot the decades of strong rule of dictatorship. However, the same logic is applied by extremists to motivate the innocent into wrongdoing. Social media analytics has hence become the powerful tool to bring to light these kinds of wrong doings. Social media has turned into a viral marketing platform to reach millions of customer in a short span of time. This poses another challenge to the companies in using advanced analytical tools to perform data mining & drawing meaningful business insights from unstructured data. Identifying each word used in the advertisement content contributes to it appearing in the social media when people search for their specific interests.

Innodatatics, which is a startup company in analytics boasts of data science professionals & big data architects from top FT B-Schools & technology colleges. Also, we have a strong pool of Ph.D. professionals with thorough domain expertise, doing research on futuristic products & solutions. Word Clouds, Sentiment Analysis, Latent Dirichlet Allocation, Topic Extraction, Semantic Analysis, Network Analysis, NLP tools, Speech & Natural Processing, etc., are the text mining techniques in which Innodatatics has a strong control on. With the usage of open source tools, the price of implementing solutions would be extremely low & with world-class experts, the accuracy will be high & with the strong domain expertise business applicability of solutions is guaranteed.
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