Thinkwik: Employee Safety, Work Continuity, And COVID 19

Date3/27/2020 11:27:42 AM
We all are aware that we are losing hundreds of lives every day due to this COVID-19. This virus is a global threat and the situation differs in each country and it is changing fast. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared this COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic and our Government has taken strict measures in order to ensure the safety of its citizens. As a community, we need to take this issue seriously and co-operate with the measures taken by our government and work together to overcome this crisis

We at Thinkwik, are concerned about the safety of our employees and we cannot compromise with the health of our employees. So we request our employees to access the remote working technology and collaboration tools and work from home. We can understand that it’s a crucial time and it is hard to balance both work and personal and family situations. But remember heroes are born only at the time of crisis. Hence we want your contribution to the company and we believe that we can overc
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