The bitcoin market has pulled back deeply, and the advantage

Since the start of the Bitcoin market in April last year, sharp fluctuations in the market within a short period of time have frequently occurred in the secondary market. In the early morning of September 25, 2019, the price of Bitcoin plunged 25%, the largest single-day drop in the history of Bitcoin. On October 28, 2019, the price of Bitcoin rose from US $ 8,000 to US $ 10,000 in a short period of time, and more than 15% of sharp fluctuations occurred again. From March 8th to March 9th, the price of bitcoin plunged from US $ 9200 to around US $ 7,600, a decline of more than 15% and breaking the integer mark of US $ 8,000. The market sentiment changed from optimism to panic.

It is not difficult to analyze the trend of the bitcoin market in the past year. Since it hit a small climax of $ 14,000 in June last year, the price of bitcoin has not been able to effectively break through. The skyrocketing slump turned the secondary market into a harvester, and a crop of leeks that had just emerged fell under the sickle.

RHY is a large-scale block chain mine in the world. It has a power supply capacity of 450MW and can be used to power up 300,000 miners at the same time. It is currently the largest mine company in the world. In 2016, the company invested in the construction of large-scale substations and natural gas power stations in the energy-rich countries dominated by the Middle East. It has become the core blockchain data center at the core of the blockchain with the most competitive power tariff in the industry.
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