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Date3/31/2020 6:44:55 PM
PriceUSD 50.00
Vapes are designed to work with high viscosity liquids. The distillates being “smoked” are low viscosity liquids that do not flow efficiently through the vape ceramic coil delivery system.

Your health is important to us. We’ve improved the vape/distillate flow rate and burn efficiency by improving our distillate. We employ pharmaceutical technicians to formulate the correct distillate viscosity.

We use only natural ingredients to increase our distillate viscosity We have done exhaustive battery tests to ensure a long vape battery life Before increasing our viscosity we studied how other companies achieve higher viscosity distillates. Our competitors add ingredients such as: propylene glycol and vegetable glycol. These additives reduce the purity of the distillate. Our competition sacrifices distillate quality to improve flow through the ceramic coils to avoid clogging. These additives are found in the foods we consume daily. However, researchers do not know the long term affects of burning and ingesting these substances into our lungs.

We’ve developed a natural proprietary process to increase distillate viscosity. All our terpenes are extracted from real fruits, except cotton candy, to produce our flavours. This makes our process more expensive. The fact is that a natural process is much healthier for our customers than using chemical additives!

Vape pens should be stored at room temperatures.
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