MIPS Reporting: An Easy Way to Refund on 2019 Healthcare

Date3/31/2020 6:20:58 PM
PriceUSD 90,201.00
Are you a MIPS eligible clinician and still hasn’t started preparing for 2019 reporting? If so, what are you waiting for?

We are a Qualified MIPS registry for four years now. We know what quality measures to look for, as per one specialty and how to send data to CMS to maximize financial gains. Guaranteed 30 points save you from a 4% negative payment adjustment spot. Either you want to report as an individual, group, or a virtual group, our expert team of medical billers and coders is working day and night to help you gain accounts receivable amidst coronavirus. So you handle Corona like fighters, and we cater to your financial needs.

Give us a call or contact us via the website to have a through MIPS 2019 performance assessment. | (888) 902-1035
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