Shivam Agro Industries offers High Quality EDTA Products

Date4/1/2020 10:00:20 PM
Shivam Agro Industries is a leading manufacturer of EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Sceto Acetic Acid) products including EDTA Acid, EDTA Disodium, EDTA Tetrasodium, EDTA Zinc, EDTA Copper, EDTA Manganese, EDTA Magnesium, EDTA Calcium, EDTA Ferric and Dried Ferrous Sulphate at the most affordable rates. Our EDTA products are applied widely in producing high quality crop in bulk quantity. Even our minerals enrich EDTA also used in preparing human food as well for animal feeds. Our EDTA products are a well known chelating agent used in food, horticulture, agriculture and Pharmaceutical industries for preparing various formulations.

Applications of EDTA Products by Shivam Agro Industries

Shivam Agro Industries EDTA Tetrasodium is having the best cleansing property used in preparing cleansing materials, also used in agriculture to fulfill the Tetrasodium requirement of soil for better quality plantations. Our EDTA Zinc is used in manufacturing zinc enrich fertilizer that is widely demanded in agriculture industry now-a-days. We provide EDTA Copper that caters the nutritional element of copper for better agriculture production. This creates a great combination while mixing with other EDTA products in fertilizer and increases the fertility of the land. The best EDTA Ferric of Shivam Agro Industries has also a contributing to enrich the soil with ferric, when used in fertilizer. Our Dried Ferrous Sulphate is used to stimulate the growth in animal body as well having good importance value in agriculture fertilizer to increase the crop production.

Shivam Agro Industries's EDTA Manganese is used in several fertilizers to provide the manganese to the soil. The role of our EDTA Magnesium is quite important in fertilizer industry as it promotes the photosynthesis process in the plants, also increase the absorption value of irons in them. EDTA Magnesium is one of the most important and widely demanded ingredients in agriculture industry. Our EDTA Calcium is another chelating agent effectively works on metal and makes them non-toxic and gives hard structure to the plants. It also applies in healing process in pharmaceuticals and agriculture. Get high grade EDTA products at the most attractive rates . Call us at below address for further information.

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