Attention Clinicians! Avail the Opt-in Policy for MIPS 2019

The year 2019 has ended, but the struggle to improve the healthcare system continues. The corona pandemic affects healthcare like it affects everything else. Despite the corona prevention mechanism in play, we welcome every clinician to try MIPS data submissions through the Opt-in policy. It helps you report MIPS even if you are not an eligible clinician.

As a MIPS Qualified Registry, we encourage Quality submissions to prepare physicians and other healthcare professionals for the future.

We submit measures for MIPS Quality, Improvement Activities (IA), and Promoting Interoperability (PI) categories at the time of crisis on your behalf so that you keep doing what you do best - i.e. to look after your patients.

Let’s do some quality reporting for our generations to grow up in a remarkable environment. The last date to submit data is April 30, 2020, until 8 p.m. EDT.

For immediate consultations, call us at this number (888) 902-1035 or visit for more information.
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