south indian jewellery

Date4/3/2020 6:07:23 PM
Sneharateria is specialise in south Indian jewellery. We have best  south indian jewellery designs. Each one of our precious ornaments is hand crafted and customised to your satisfaction. Our designs are hand picked from jewellery designers from all over India. They are modern and chic, but the finish reflects the workmanship of the city of Kolkata, the epitome of craftsmanship.
Our Features:
l Customised as per customer's need
l Free Delivery within India
l Lifetime Guarantee
l Nickle & Lead Free Available
All CZ South Indian Bridal Necklace pieces are made with silver & lab-created diamonds by CZ stones. 
You can always contact us on Whatsapp (+91 98303 18958) for questions regarding jewellery or even if you just want to chat.
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