Lapeng La Phofu Super Maize Meal Business Opportunity!

Date4/13/2020 11:00:12 PM
PriceUSD 20.00
Together WE Can Beat COVID-19.
Reality is You Need MONEY 💰 to BUY essential products like MEDICATION & FOOD to name few and that is where Lapeng La Phofu come in with OUR Delicious Lapeng Super Maize which cost *ONLY R250 ONCE OFF Membership including 10kg Lapeng Super Maize Meal* .

Pay *R250* and get *10kg* LSMM
*Sell to 3 people* and *HELP them* to do the *same throughout all Phases and Levels.*
Get Paid Upto *R55,900 MONTHLY*
Just remember that Lapeng La Phofu is NOT to be sold to the public but ONLY Lapeng La Phofu MEMBERS and cost R60. It's also NOT available in SHOPS.


*Phase 1* Total Income = *R2,250* REJOINING with *R250* plus *10kg*
*REJOINING* & *R600* *UPGRADE* to *Phase 2* done Automatically.
*Take Home* = *R1,400*

*Phase 2 Total Income = *R9,000*
*REJOINING* with *R250* plus *10kg*
REJOINING & UPGRADE done Automatically from *Phase I.*

*Phase 3* Total Income = *R45,000*
*You now REJOIN AUTOMATICALLY into Phase 1.
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