Smart Speaker Privacy

Date4/15/2020 5:12:22 PM
"Paranoid™ is a new hands-free add-on device that instantly connects to your Amazon Echo or Google Home and stops it from constantly eavesdropping. When the on-board audio processor detects the wake word ‘Paranoid,’ it temporarily allows the smart speaker to operate normally. A few seconds later, the smart speaker is once again unable to listen. Paranoid smart speaker privacy comes in three configurations. ‘Paranoid Button’ cuts off your smart speaker by physically depressing the mute button, releasing it only when you utter the wake word. ‘Paranoid Wave’ uses audio signals to jam the microphones whenever your smart speaker is not in use. ‘Paranoid Max’ is installed internally at one of our Paranoid partner locations and is intended for the most security-conscious users—those whose devices lack a mute button, or those who don’t completely trust the mute button. To buy Paranoid, visit
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