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Date5/13/2020 7:10:04 PM
What is Powder Paints?
Powder Paints is a dissolvable melt mixed blend of resin, curing agent and pigment, pulverized into fine powder for electrostatic spray application to non-permeable and metallic substrates. The coated substrate is then cured which results in a thin film, tough, unbroken, durable, defensive and decorative film.

Product Range : Powder Paints
We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of Powder Paint, Powder Coating, Pure Polyester Powder Paint, Polyester Powder Coating, etc. that are useful in protecting the exposed surface of the machines against corrosion.
We understand that what you're searching for in a product is best quality, durability, superior performance, corrosion resistance and aesthetic excellence. That is the reason we've designed our finishing process to excel in all those aspects.
Benefits : Powder Paints
So how good powder paints coating?
• Very Efficient
• Cost Friendly
• Durability
• Variety
• Environmentally Safe
• Overall Quality
• Maintenance

Why Zigma Paints?
We have confidence in rendering the supreme level of contentment to the customers by giving a variety of premium quality Powder Paints. Furthermore, serving quality some other significant focuses that highlight our picture in the business are given:
• Customer Focused Policies
• Advanced Manufacturing Facilities
• Market Leading Prices
• On Time Delivery

Zigmapaints is defined as a World class Paint and Coating Solutions. Also as being appropriate significance for a protective coating, also projects the technology focus among the quality conscious surroundings.

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